Spool Loom PCB

During eTextile SB I had two goals:

  1. Create user-friendly connectors for an ongoing project.
  2. Mock up an idea that played with the idea of knitting onto a PCB.

I’ve been using simple CMOS oscillator circuits to teach basic soft circuits with for years and there’s no reason for me to stop anytime soon. My brain has been obsessed with kit design and educational opportunities that introduce people to electronics and fiber arts. The circuit I have kept in mind when designing this kit is an oscillator circuit either using the 40106 or the 4093. The main idea is really what the knit sensor does which is change the pitch of the oscillator which can be applied to many logic noise circuits. Eventually, I would like to build circuits that don’t only offer frequency manipulation but starting simple is always a good plan when prototyping a new concept.


A cardboard prototype of two PCBs that you would knit between back in September, 2018.


Prototyping a circular spool knitting version at eTextile SB.


Punching holes in a PCB.



Flat spool loom knitting version

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