Each year ESB provides a large range of tools and materials for on-site creation and skill-sharing. Materials and tools that we recommend each participant bring are found under “What You Should Bring” below. Scroll further down the page for materials and tools that were provided on-site for each year.

What You Should Bring

These are items that we may have one, two, or a limited supply/variety of. The following list contains items we recommend you bring, especially if you need a specific flavor of it.

Arduino supported microcontrollers
USB cables
Jumper cable/Hookup wire set
Alligator leads
Extra power supply (3v­, LiPos, 9v, switchable AC/DC adapter if you like)
Pliers, Nippers, Wire strippers
Your Electronics component box. We have some components, it’s a good idea to bring your favorite if you want to have it available in case inspiration strikes.
LilyPad components

Basic sewing set
Fabric Scissors (be sure to mark if they are fabric only!)
Crochet hook
Knitting needles
Whatever textile tools and materials you normally work with that you think will either come in handy or interesting to work with.
Camera (for documentation)
Laptop (no community computers available at the space)


What Will be Available – ESB 2019


mini iron
sewing machine
Ironing Board
Snap Press
Dress Form
hand sewing needles (pack of 50)
cutting mat 11 x 17
cutting mat 11 x 17
rotary cutter
rotary cutter blades
x-acto blades #11
Graph ruler
Quilt rulers
Hip curve or french curves
Leather hole punch
paper scissors

Fusible stretch black
Fusible stretch white
Heat ‘n’ bond stretch
Heat ‘n’ Bond Lite
Heat ‘n’ Bond Ultra
zipper (70 pieces) 12″ length
Stretchy fabric glue
Fabric Glue
Stuffing Material
thick felt polyester 5mm thick
bemis fusible no sew – 1 yard x 21″
bemis fusible no sew elastic – .5 yard x 21″
Safety pins box assorted sizes
various Dritz bias tape
metalic zippers – 10 8″
press snaps (for snap press)
Pellon EK130 Easy-Knit Fusible Interfacing 20”-White
Pattern paper


soldering irons
Tip cleaner
Bench power supply
solder suckers
needle nose pliers
flat nose pliers
rounded nose pliers
angled cutters
wire strippers 30 – 20 gauge
wire stripper – universal
tweezers: 1 pointed, 1 angled, 1 flat
helping hands
jumper wires: M/M, M/F, F/F
breadboards 400 tie point
breadboards mini
heat gun
rosin soldering flux
desolder wick

lead free solder
copper tape
solid core wire
stranded wire
wire Litze LiFY 1 x 0.05 mm² Schwarz Conrad
magnet wire
large magnet wire
USB lipo charger
AAA batteries
9 volt battery snap
neo pixel stripe
resistors various values
capacitor kit – ceramic
capacitor kit – electrolytic
pulse sensor
micro servos continuous rotation
WS2812B LED Strip 1 yard 30 LEDs
tinyESC v2.4 motor controller
5v 2A wall adapter barrel plug
3.7V 2700mAH lipo battery
Particle Electron board kit
Particle Photon board
Neodymium magnets (small)
Neodymium magnets (large)
.008 Flexinol
.008 Flexinol Springs (40 coils in each spring)
Heat shrink kit 127 pieces black
trimpot variety
step up (power boost)
step up regulator 5v
StepDown-Module adjustable 2 A
Transistor Kit
solder tinner
ProtoBoard – Square 1″ Single Sided
protoboard/perforated circuitboard
ATtiny programmer
USB web cam
electrical tape .75 width yellow
electrical tape .5 width green
kapton tape roll .75″ wide
Mini Metal Speaker w/ Wires – 8 ohm 0.5W
Large enclosed piezo with wires
SMD LEDs 1210/3528 (warm white) (100 pack)
SMD LEDs 1210/3528 (blue) (100 pack)
SMD LEDs 1210/3528 (red) (100 pack)
SMD LED 1206 Assorted Kit
Flora microcontroller
neopixels – 4
lilypad accelerometer
Lilypad slide switch
Lilypad coin cell holder
female headers
male headers
Alligator Clips (set of 10 in package) + ~40 loose
3.7 V Lipo battery 400 mAh
3.7 V Lipo battery 850 mAh
2.54mm/0.1″ Pitch Terminal Block – 2-pin
Logic level converter – bi-directional
Coin cell 2 x cr2032 holder
3V coin cells
AA batteries – pack of 2
JST socket – 2 pos 2mm
JST plug – 2 pos 2mm on wire
Diode 1N4001
diode 1N4148
8 pin socket
Sewable Battery Holders
Harddrive magnets
Chibi LED stickers
Chibi boards kit
aux cable
silicon wire
9 VDC 1000mA regulated switching power adapter – UL listed
5V 2A (2000mA) switching power supply – UL Listed
Female DC Power adapter – 2.1mm jack to screw terminal block
H Bridge
linear op amp
Transistor Output Optocouplers
2N2222 transitior
10k resistor pack
heating pads
peltier element
1.5v akaline
AA battery holders

E-textile and Conductive/Resistive Materials

Bare conductive ink pens
Bare conductive ink jar
non woven carbon resistive 20k ohm
non woven carbon resistive for heat 170NW-PI-15
stretch carbon resistive 20k ohm
Safety Silk Fabric
Silver Jersey Knit
High Performance Silver Mesh
conductive roving/steel wool – stainless and/or aluminum
copper paint
15%metal Gimp fantasy 150 meter/cone
25% Metal Egypto Color Gold Gimp 150 meter/cone
Torsade of 6 ply Silk 85den Brut &Spandex fixed shrink 250 meter/cone
RETRACTRYL Shrinking 30% retraction after 60°C Color Wit 500 meter/cone
Conductive wool (wool) Bekinox W12/18
Karl Grimm copper thread large cone
copper ripstop (Kassel)
silver stretch (TECHNIKTEX P130+B)
silver stretch (MEDTEX P130)
copper adhesive-backed fabric
Conductive thread bobbin (smooth stainless steel)
Cloth Electrical Tape
EeonTex Conductive Stretchable Fabric
EeonTex Woven Fabric
EeonTex Heating Fabric
Conductive ribbon 3 conductor – 1 yard
statex conductive yarn samples
Conductive fabric tape chibi
Fabric conductive tape (long rolls)
conductive beckart stailsteal thread range of thickness and conductivity
Plug and Wear Conductive Yarn
copper leaf – small pack

Fiber Arts

Table top loom
Emb hoops
Clover Wonder knitter
4 strand fringe twister
spool knitter – small rectangle
spool knitter – medium circle (hat size)
80 felting needles w/3 single needle holders
felting needle hand tool – holds 5-6 needles
felting foam or brush
Schacht drop spindle

large beads
roving – several ounces of diff colors
Japanese round seed beads (size 8) – pick diff colors
hematite beads
weaving yarn
regular yarn

Fabric Printing

screens for printing
squeegees for screens
Olfa utility knife
shop rags
paint brushes/foam brushes – 10 pc
spoons – pack of 50
cups/bowls – 50

Thermochromic pigment black 25 g
Thermochromic pigment blue 20 g
Thermochromic pigment magenta 20 g
Thermochromic pigment yellow 20 g
Thermochromic pigment black 20 g
photochromic blue 10 g
binder 1 kg fabric screen printing
screen printing ink – white 32 oz.
Versatex screen printing ink – White 16 oz.
Versatex screen printing ink – Black 16 oz.
Versatex extender – 1/2 full 16 oz.
vinyl film for silhouette stencils
reclaimed newspaper

CNC Silhouette Cutting and General

Silhouette Cameo cutter
Silhouette Portrait cutter
Hot Glue Guns
hot glue sticks – mini
screw driver set
Digital calipers
Box of markers

Silhouette blades
copper adhesive sheets (for cutting circuits)
Flipchart sticky
Post its
paper A4
glue – gel
glue – tube (2 tubes)
Scotch Tape magic- .75″ wide 2 rolls w/dispenser
nail polish
Colored paint (green, black, yellow, silver, gold)
Pastel paper A4 full pack
mechanical pencils