All 2019 participants standing together outside the Wassaic Project Mill

ESB 2019 was a week full of workshops, creation, and fiber-filled adventures hosted at the Wassaic Project, a residency and exhibition space in Wassaic, NY. Check out the 2019 schedule below.


Workshops in 2019 included:

Shaping 3D Forms in Knitting and Crochet by Shanel Wu
PCB Design & Prototyping by Jingwen Zhu
Making Sense of your Sensor Data by Lara Grant and Liza Stark
Pattern Making: Tailoring Trousers by Sophie Skach
Biofabricating Matter by Giulia Tomasello & Anastasia Pistofidou



The exhibit acts as an internal show and tell amongst participants, in order to get to know each other’s work. At the end of the week it is available to public viewing during the community day event.

Photos and description of the participant’s work is found here.


eTextile Spring Social

We opened our doors to the local community on the final day of camp, and invited them to join us for a day of eTextile activities. We displayed work from our internal exhibition, shared the work we had made for the week, ran drop-in workshops, and had an “Intro to eTextile” table.



Collaborative cooking and meals are a big part of building community at Spring Break. All dinners are cooked by participants with lots of love and a little wine. Recipes can be found at the links below.






Becky’s Sweet Potato Chili Curried Lentils Ragu Iranian Stew Thai Curry
Andrea’s Chilli Soup Rice Mushroom risotto Roasted Feta + yogurt Rice
Naan Lemon Zucchini Pasta Mpriam
Beet Salad Raw broccoli salad Couscous
Pita and hummus