Expense Cost  Vendor  Notes
Materials $2000 Misc. Fabric, conductive materials, consumables, general tools
Dinner, Daily $2800 Local Restaurant Partner $20/person for 7 nights
Transport for Organizers and Tools from NYC $1500 Hertz (August 2021 Quote) 11-Day Commercial Van Rental and gas/tolls
Incidentals $500 Misc. Unexpected costs, machine repair, exhibition hardware, etc.
Lodging in Vicksburg for 20 people $3500 Prairie Ronde 4 organizers for 10 days; 16 participants for 7 days
Organizer Travel Stipend $4000 N/A 4 organizers = $1000 per organizer
Total: $14,300

The participant fee of $450 x 16 participants = $7,200 of the total.

The remaining amount we are getting from “in-kind” support.

To organize eTextile Spring Break, organizers meet bi-weekly to produce the week-long event. Organizers participate in creating and updating the website, coordinating space + lodging, ordering materials, taking inventory, and more. Additionally organizers arrive to the event early to set up and stay later to break the event down. If you are interested in coming early or staying later to help setup or break down, email info@etextilespringbreak.org.