Body to Body: RFID + PAN Workshop

Ingo + Nicole

The Workshops introduces two wireless data transmission techniques: RFID (Radio-frequency identification) and PAN (Private Area Network)

In this workshop, participants will learn about PAN and RFID wireless systems. Ingo and Nicole will introduce basic theories behind the technologies and introduce a DIY implementation of these systems to pass data through bodies to other bodies. Specifically, we aim to build the circuitry to read RFID Tags and send the data over to another body using capacitive coupling.



Image from Nicole Messier’s Embroidered RFID tags

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    […] by this upcoming workshop during E-Textile Spring Break titled “Body to Body: RFID + PAN Workshop, where Ingo + Nicole will “…introduce a DIY implementation of these systems to pass […]

  2. Trevor

    Hey! It would be so cool to see this out at a BDYHAX event in the future. We’re always looking at cool projects at the interface of people and technology.

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